Erin Taylor is an American writer. Her writing often deals with her own experiences and trauma. It is usually poetry, with some exceptions. She has a chapbook of poetry OOOO out through Bottlecap Press and she’s the interviews editor over at Maudlin House. She is writing a book on loneliness. Her work can be found at and she tweets at @erinisaway.
OOOO is an afternoon spent drinking beers in a field with people who love you. OOOO is the moment the plane takes off & you can hear people praying next to you. OOOO is the first time someone tells you they love you but not enough to stay. OOOO is twelve thirty in the morning walking in an empty city street.

“Erin Taylor serves up a strange landscape in oooo for us all to get lost in and encourages us to say ‘something with meaning! / say something with longing! / I too have that longing / you know what I speak of.’ There are many nameless characters, and Taylor allows for the strangeness in these people’s lives. She doesn’t try to “understand” them in any conventional sense. In oooo, the most extreme delicacy goes hand in hand with garishness, and Taylor offers up both for our delectation.” - Alexandra Naughton, author of American Mary

“Erin’s writing has a taste to it. It’s biting into a peach that you just picked yourself. I read this book then read it again. It’s poetry for people who love.” - Rachel Bell, author of Welcome To Your New Life With You Being Happy

“I love these poems of love. They’re a warm wind on the first warm day of the year. They brush away the dead leaves and tell us green shoots are coming. Erin Taylor’s poems are exuberant invitations to take a closer look at the world, and she’s just getting started.” Bob Hicok, author of This Clumsy Living, winner of the Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry